Sunday, October 21, 2012

MAC Brush cleanser review


Most of us clean our makeup brushes with a solution of liquid hand soap or baby shampoo and this is too much time consuming as the brush takes too long to dry or has to be washed twice to be completely clean. The brush may also start to shed after prolonged practice of washing in this manner. But now there is a great solution to this and the magic is called the MAC Brush cleanser. It cleans up the brush so quickly like a miracle.

Product description: The MAC Brush cleanser is described as a disinfectant which cleans and conditions the brush fibers to make it last longer. It is especially designed for high-end high quality brushes and very convenient to use. Leaves your brush smelling fresh and clean and requires less cleaning time.

Price: A bottle of MAC Brush cleanser of 235 ml/7.9 US fl oz costs $14

Packaging: MAC Brush cleanser comes in a transparent bottle with a flip-top cap. There is no spray nozzle. The cleanser is light pink in color.

Scent: The MAC Brush cleanser smells a little alcoholic.


  • It is much effective and cleans properly without leaving any left-outs.
  • The drying time is super fast.
  • The MAC Brush cleanser does not leave any unpleasant smell on the brush.
  • It is safe for all kinds of brushes whether synthetic or natural
  • It lasts longer because only few drops are enough to clean the brushes. You need 2-3 drops for an eye brush and 4-5 drops for a face brush.
  • All the light colored brushes retain their color without any stains.


  • The price is expensive
  • The bottle of MAC Brush cleanser does not come with a spray nozzle and so the possibility of wasting large amount of product is high.
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