Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 Glamorous Hairstyles for Long Face

Image Courtesy : beauty.about
Long faced beauties constantly face a challenge to glam up their looks, especially styling their hair. There are several perfect hairdos for long faces, you just need to know about these hairstyles, and try it for yourself. You might be in a confused state as you are not sure which are the hairdos for long faces! Worry not, we have put together 3 styles of hairdos for long faces.

Bun :
Image Courtesy : bride.ca

A bun is the perfect hairdo for any kind of faces, its elegant and gives a chic look.
·         Comb your mane properly.

·         Divide your tresses into sections.

·         Leave some hair at the front, so that you can get side bang later with that.

·         Also leave some danglers on a side of the nape, which must be allowed to flow freely over the shoulder.

·         With the rest of the hair, tie a bun at the top of the head.

·         Secure the neat bun with some bobby pins and net.

·         Use a curler or rollers to curl the danglers which are around the nape.

·         Set off the hairdo with a setting gel or spray.

·         Apply some mousse to the side bang to make it look soft and neat.

Casual Locks :
Image Courtesy : creativefan

Whether you are attending a corporate event or a casual party, this is the best hair style.
No need of a lot of experimentation with this hairdo, have a few things ready to do the hairstyle. And you are done!
·         Shampoo and condition your hair. You should have natural silky hair to get this kind of hairstyle.

·         Set the hair with a blow dryer.

·         Part your hair on the left, see that the parting is short.

·         Now comb the hair in such a way, that your face is covered with your tresses on both the sides.

Bang :
Image Courtesy : zimbio

Fringe hairstyles are totally in and so is the poker straight hair. But don’t you think the straightened fringe hairstyle is so very common? Here’s something different!
·         Trim a few strands of your hair at front in layers.

·         Comb the tresses and then blow dry it to add volume.

·         Tame the frizzes with anti-frizz serum or spray.

·         Leave the frontal hair as it is. Set the hair on the sides inward, with the help of a blow dryer.

·         Create a side parting.

·         To get the lustrous look, apply serum all over the hair.

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