Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review - Amway Attitude Eyeliner in Coal


Today i am going to review an eyeliner from Amway. Its quite an old product in my vanity, i don’t use it now. Anyways, so lets move to the review of Amway Attitude Eyeliner in coal.

What Amway claims about Amway Attitude Eyeliner in coal? : Attitude Eye Liner is a smudge free all day wear eye definer, carefully made to add a sparkling charisma to your delicate eyes.

Its special felt tip draws a dramatic eye line & gives that lush black grace to the eyes that will boost the charm of your face.

It costs INR Rs 249. Amway Attitude Eyeliner in coal is basically a black waterproof eyeliner. And i found it to be really waterproof, and also a bit of smudge resistant. But of course if you rub your eyes harshly, then the liner will fade away.

One thing which i hate of liquid eyeliners is that, it irritates the eyes if it enters the eyes accidentally. So when i applied the Amway Attitude Eyeliner in coal, once or twice it happened that the liner went inside my eyes. And after that, my condition was pitiable. Not only my eyes began burning, and also watering, spoiling my entire eye makeup. So this is what i do not like about the eyeliner at all. It really spoilt my day/night at times! L

As the eyeliner has a felt tip, wearing the liner was easy. But it takes a few minutes to dry up properly.

But i am pretty amazed to find the Amway Attitude Eyeliner in coal not dried up even after a year. So this liner was hiding in a black shelve on my vanity table, and i never got a chance to pick it up in 7 months or so. I, in fact forgot about the liner. But today, after a year, when i took out the liner, i was surprised to find it has not dried up yet! Though i am not gonna use it after so much of time, but it really amazed me.
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