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5 Essential Ingredients for Healthy Skin

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To get a healthy and glowing skin, we have listed down for you 5 essential ingredients. These ingredients will help you to keep any skin damages at bay, and also to make the skin stay young. The 5 superstar ingredients are as follows :-

Antioxidants – Not only your body, but your skin too can be benefitted out of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to counter the influence of free radicals and any kind of inflammation on skin. Sun, pollution, and also stress takes a toll on your skin, no doubt! So drink green tea whenever possible, it contains polyphenol EGCG. This compound helps and protects skin from sun damage. When applied on the skin, this compound will help to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. It also helps in soothing sensitive skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid – AHA helps in skin exfoliation and stimulates the fibroblasts which in turn, helps in the production of elastin as well as collagen, which can strengthen the skin. Using lactic acid on sensitive skin, helps a great deal. It acts as a humectants, and thus helps in reduction of bacteria. Its beneficial for persons who are suffering from hyperpigmentation.

Humectants – This help in drawing the moisture into one’s skin. Hyaluronic acid is a favourite humectants of many dermatologists, because it can hold 1000 times its own weight in moisture. Other great humectants are glycerine, urea, sodium PCA. Glycerine and urea works better when applied topically as that helps them to penetrate through the cell membranes.

Occlusives – Just as humectants help in drawing moisture, occlusives help in retaining the moisture. This can be found in ointments which kind of seal the skin, and heals cuts and burns, or protects skin from flaking or cracking in cold weather. Petroleum and Lanolin are the best examples of occlusives. However, if this products are not suitable on your skin, choose products which contain shea butter or dimethicone.

Lipids – It helps the skin to hold on its water. This helps in keeping the skin moisturized. Generally lotions or creams contain lipids like stearic acid and ceramides.

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