Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giveaway for November-December

Hi beauties,

Here's the aEsThEtIcS giveaway for November to December 2012. Enjoy!

This giveaway is not a sponsored one.

Giveaway starts 11/11/2012

Giveaway ends 21/12/2012 (IST 12 a.m)

This is an Internationally open contest!! J

How to enter the contest :

1. Tell us "why is winter special for you and how do you spend Christmas/New year". Post your answer on the comment section.

2. Be a “follower” of aEsThEtIcS blog, i.e. follow aEsThEtIcS on GFC. (You can find the “follow” option on the right hand side of the page)

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5   5. Post a comment on this blog, with your name, facebook id and the name of your city (and if you have posted a blog post on your blog/sit about this giveaway , please put down that particular page’s link too). Dont forget to answer the question too.

Please Note :

This giveaway is open for national and international readers, i.e. to all the readers worldwide.

You should be at least 18 years old to enter the giveaway. If you are less than 18 please ask your guardian’s permission.

You must have a facebook account (valid and active) to enter the contest.

There will be only 1 winner.

Winner will be announced within 10 days after the giveaway ends.

Winner will be declared on the facebook page of aEsThEtIcS. Make sure, you check it after the contest ends.

Giveaway goodies:

1. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick 41 Maharani Henna

2. Make Up Forever Crayon Khol Pencil - 1K Black

3. Lakme Fruit Peach Plum Moisturiser Lotion

4. VLCC Wheat Protein Conditioner

All the goodies are sealed, unused and brand new. aEsThEtIcS is neither affiliated nor related to any of the brands given as a gift in the giveaway. Products to be used at sole discretion.

All the best!

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  1. is special, like seeing the lights on the street, I usually spend with the family :)

    GFC: Isaa
    FB : Isabel Almeida

  2. i spend it with my family, and i like to watch the snow from the window
    patricia dias
    Facebook:PatrĂ­cia Dias

  3. I love winter because of the cold weather!!!I spend my Christmas/New year vacation with my family!!!!!!!!!!

    gfc blublu
    fb Georgia Karantani
    facebook share

  4. I love the way ppl is more merrier and kind this season.

    GFC maria oller
    Facebook Constanza oller de moore
    email connymoore(at)hotmail(dot)com
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  5. I love winter because of the warm clothing!I spend my Christmas holidays with my amazing family!

    gfc johnmspt
    facebook name John Mspt
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  6. i love winter because of the sweaters!!!!i spend my christmas holiday playing boarding games with my family!!!!
    gfc Marilena Kat
    fb Marilena Kat
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  7. i love winter coz thats the time when i stock up my makeup i can use many of my drugstore foundations which are not suitable for the scorching Indian sun....he he...
    i spent my christmas hols visiting friends and relatives...we usually go on a tour...
    gfc salwa abd
    fb- salwa kc
    fb share-

  8. Every year during xmas i meet my parents. they come over here to meet me. so i keep on waiting anxiously throughout the year for xmas. Its special for me as i get to see mom and dad. love u both <3

    and during xmas i decorate my house with artificial lightings and trees. go out with my kids and family for dinner, and also take out my kids for buying them chocolates and toys. i love to see their smiling faces. i feel like myself to be santa claus for them. :D lol

    Living in texas though i am from india (NRI)
    GFC : Madhu Rima
    Fb : Madhu Singh
    I cant post the link of my fb post here, though i have messaged u on the aesthetics fb page about the post link of fb. Hope thats okay with u as i have done it seriously, i guess m not going to be disqualified for this!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway!! i am your new follower <3

    1. why is winter special for you and how do you spend Christmas/New year".
    For me winter has always been very special because in winters everything tends to get cozy, i love the winter afternoons and the whole wintry feel.
    For Christmas we go for the midnight mass and we always have a grand dinner party for family and friends at home!

    2. GFC Jasmine Bhatia
    3. Liked the FB page via Jasmine Bhatia

  10. winter is special for me because its a holiday season time for near and dear.
    i spend Christmas with family attending the morning church followed by lunch and dinner parties at home,church or at aunts place.
    GFC Follower-ally tiwari
    liked fb page via -racheal ally
    fb url-
    Thanks fr d i

  11. i love soaking up the sun during winters and jagar ka halwa makes winters even more special for me!!
    During New years, we generally have a get to gather at home or we go for a family vacation!!
    Btw thanks for this awesome giveaway!!
    GFC - Anu Walia
    Liked the FB page - Walia Angel
    Dont have a blog, so shared it on Facebook -

    1. daily share