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Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

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However much we try hard to get flat belly, we have failed again and again. Losing the few extra kilos is not so hard, but achieving a flat tummy is not so easy. The fat around the belly is really hard to get rid of, and it takes a schedule of rigorous exercises and strict diet plan to reduce belly fat.
Many of us believe that there are some diets which can help us to shed those extra fat around the belly. Its true! If you are looking for such belly slimming diets, go through the entire article.
Some of the food items are categorised and put aside as they are believed to be adding on weight. But here’s the truth.
Oil : Yes we think of oil to be an evil while we are on the process of losing weight. But don’t be surprise as you get to know that fat in fact saves us from sudden pangs of hunger! So, you need to take fat daily in your meal, but in appropriate quantities. Go for canola or olive oils, instead of the vegetable oils which are having trans-fat.

Dairy Products : While we are losing weight, we avoid the intake of dairy products completely or restrict it. But a miniscule amount of fat can help you in getting the belly fat reduced – yes this is absolutely true!

Dairy products do have calcium, which breaks down fat depositories and also prevents them from getting formed again. Just opt for fatless or low fat dairy products.

Cheese : Cheese can help you to gain weight or lose weight depending on the type of cheese. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is low calorie and contains calcium. This prevents formation of fat and also breaks down fat deposition. This type of cheese also has protein which prevents us from getting sudden hunger pangs.

Nuts : Munching few nuts everyday can keep hunger at bay. Don’t buy the salted nuts, only the plain ones. Nuts can keep you more satisfied than rice cakes. But don’t take nuts in excessive amount, just moderate quantities.
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So, now you already now that those food items which have been always tagged as ‘belly fat contributor’ are actually not so. Now we give a list of food items which will definitely help to lose belly fat.
Oatmeal : Waking up in the morning, we suddenly crave for a lot of food. This indicates a decrease in the blood sugar levels.
A bowl of oatmeal can you help you to stop the food craving and also bring the blood sugar level to normalcy. Oatmeal is fibre-rich, so you can take a bowl of oatmeal every morning, the plain oatmeal, without sugar.

Whole Grains : Whole grains is a source of healthy carbohydrate, it gives the body energy, and does not pile on fat. It also contains lot of fibre.

Green Vegetables : Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach contain fibres and are low in calories. A bowl full of vegetable salad if taken before meals, can help you to take lesser calorie afterwards, and still feel full.

Lean Meat & Fish : Lean meat contains protein in large quantity, so instead of cured meat, you should always eat lean meat. To lose belly fat, fishes like tuna or salmon are the best options. These fishes contain Omega 3.

Green Tea : Green tea contains antioxidants which boosts metabolism in body helping you to lose almost 260 calories in a day. Pick up tea bags instead of bottled teas. Put some ice cubes in your green tea which will refresh you while helping you to get rid of the bulging tummy.

Protein Powder : A cup of protein drink everyday can help you to get relief from the tummy fat. Protein powder contains amino acid which reduces fat and builds muscles. You can mix the protein powder with milk, yogurt, or juice and enjoy the health drink.

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