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Have you tried on metallic nails?

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Metallic nails are in vogue these days. Ranging from stripes to different kind of prints including floral or animal prints, they are always seen gracing the hands of celebs and fashionistas.

Before starting off, always remove old nail polish with the help of nail polish remover. Push back the cuticles of the nails and also buff your nails. Again clean the entire nails with the help of remover to get rid of the dust caused due to buffing.

Now, choose a metallic design which suits the shape of your nails. Remember, you need to put on a good base coat before going for metallic nails.

How to do metallic nails yourself :
·         Keeping a bit of gap from the skin as well as the cuticles, put on the adhesive.

·         At the opposite end of metallic nails, that is at the cuticle point, put a thin strip of adhesive.

·         Don’t put adhesives at the extensions.

·         Push the metallic nails to the cuticles, and after you have done so, lower the metallic nail and stick it to your original nail.

·         Clean the sides of the nails, so that it does not have any adhesive around it.

·         Repeat the same process for your finger nails as well as toe nails.

·         Apply top coat, it provides protection to the metallic nails.
Picture Courtesy : flickr / invertednailsystems

How to remove metallic nails :
·         Cut the extensions of metallic nails and also buff the surface of metallic nails.

·         Apply cuticle oil to the cuticles.

·         Dip your hands in a bowl having acetone. Your metallic nails must get soaked fully in the acetone.

·         Check after 5 minutes. If the metallic nails are coming off, use a cuticle pusher to remove them.

·         Clean your real nails and apply cuticle oil on your cuticles.
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