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How to do makeup for photography

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Today all of us own digital cameras and we love to take random pictures of ourselves, thanks to the beauty bloggers and youtube beauty gurus, who taught us we too can look like celebs and have every right to photograph ourselves. So, ladies what are you waiting for? Take out the cameras and start clicking right away.

Hey, wait before going out to take photos, why don’t you apply some makeup? Yes makeup J Makeup for photography is different from the usual makeup that we apply. So if you are not confident about photography makeup, have a look below. We have chalked out some photography makeup tips for you!
·         If you are not into wearing foundation, today you need to bring about a change in the makeup routine. You will have to start off with foundation.

·         You need to do the makeup in natural lighting. Sit beside the window and start doing makeup where you can get abundant sunlight or natural lighting.

·         For photography, dewy look is a no no. After all, who wants to look an oil-slick in pictures? So after applying foundation on the face and neck, puff a bit of translucent powder on the face, especially on the T-zone area.

·         For photographs, use black eyeliner and black mascara for the eye makeup. Brown eyeliners should be kept aside. You need to create a high contrast, so.

·         Eye brows should be filled in. May be in real life, you don’t fill in the brows, but for photography makeup, its so essential.

·         Choose matte eye shadows instead of shimmery ones. Matte shadows don’t reflect light, so its a better option.

·         When it comes to photography makeup especially for bridal ceremonies, then you should apply false eyelashes. It puts on much emphasis to the eye makeup.
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·         Blush is very necessary when it comes to pictures. If you skip blush, you are gonna look washed out in the photos. Even better, if you apply bronzer on the jawline and on the hollows of the cheeks, and finish off with blush on the apples of the cheeks.

·         Outlining the lips with lip liner, is obviously an important step. Choose a matching lip liner with the same colored lipstick. Dont go too dark or too light.

·         You may use lip gloss too, if you have thinner lips. But gloss should be applied over a lipstick.
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