Monday, November 5, 2012

How to look Taller ( for Petites )

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Are you a short woman, and have always wished God would fulfill your wish and make you taller? Fact remains that, we the petite or short women, wont get taller, no matter what happens! But then there are some ways which can make us look taller. So practise the six tips given below and look taller!

1.     Stand straight. Postures do matter when it comes to your appearance and height. Also do sit straight always. In this way, you would be looking taller.

2.     Make high heels your best friend. Choose a high heel in which you are comfortable to walk. However do not wear too high heels, that will make things awkward! If you are not comfortable to wear heels, give platform heels a try, those with medium heels. If nothing suits you, go for a low heel.

3.     Style the mane in such a way that the hair has more height and fullness in the crown portion. Totally avoid any kind of flat, smooth styling of hair.
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4.     Avoid horizontal lines, and go for vertical stripes when it comes to dresses and accessories. Verical stripes will make a petite look thinner and taller.

5.     To create the illusion of light, take the help of colors. Wear monochromatic dresses. If you dress in one color, it creates a vertical line. Try wearing dark colors like black, navy etc.

If you don’t want to be draped in a single color from head-to-toe, then wearing a matching colored legwear with your footwear’s color, will help in making your legs appear taller. Works well, if you have worn neutral colored shoes.

6.     Opt for outfits which have V necklines. It creates a vertical line and draws most of the attention to your face, thus creating the illusion of a taller figure.
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