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The next big thing in Beauty Biz – CC Creams!

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We heard of BB creams and the obsession of many makeup enthusiasts for these multi-tasking blemish balm creams. And now lately there is CC cream doing its rounds in the beauty industry. The CC cream is also a gift from Asia, and believed to be a better performer than the predecessor.

Do you know the full form of CC cream? Its Color Correcting Cream. CC creams are made to improve the complexion – to even out the skin tone, and make the complexion brighter.

CC cream manufacture is just at stage infancy in the world. However, Olay has beaten up the competitors and launched the first CC cream in October 2012 in USA. Therefore it is safe to presume other beauty companies too will following the trend and launching their own CC creams by next year.

In this article, we shall putting forward the differences between a BB and a CC cream.

Texture :

When it comes to BB creams, many might think them to be too oily and silicone typish.

But CC creams are better. It has a soft mousse like texture, and is very easily blendable.

Coverage :

The coverage that a BB Cream provides is in between foundation and tinted moisturizers. However, CC cream provides coverage just like a tinted makeup primer, which can be worn under a foundation. And some Asian CC creams provide better coverage than BB creams.

Shade Options :

People with too fair or too dark skin tones, generally cant use BB cream, as that does not suit their complexion. BB creams are generally found in just 1 shade.

Same is the case with a CC cream too. They do not come with much shade options. But one plus point of CC creams are that they blend super easy, so the shades can work on more people.

Benefits of CC creams :

The CC cream from Olay claims to work on wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blotches and also can diminish spots on skin easily. Other Asian CC creams have antioxidant like green tea and white tea. The CC cream by Rachel K cosmetics has got the epidermal growth factor in it, which can stimulate the production of collagen by just speeding up the skin’s exfoliation.
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CC cream Recommendations :

Now that you have learnt a thing or two about the CC creams, you might have made up your mind to purchase a CC cream. If you are in US or can get products from there, you can definitely try your hands on –

Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer, which is sold for US $ 21.50 in drugstores. It works as a tinted moisturizer and moisturizes the skin well, but if you are expecting a lot of coverage, then this is not right product for you. It comes in 3 shades.

Wei East Wei To Go Beauty Ideal Skin, is a slightly more expensive CC cream than the Olay one, with a price tag of $ 30. The pack is travel-friendly, provides more coverage than that of the Olay cc cream. But its available only in 3 shades.

Asian CC creams :

If you are in Asia or might visit the place soon, go ahead and pick the Rachel K CC cream for you. Its the best selling CC cream found in Asia. Its available in 2 shades, provides a good coverage. The texture is also light and moreover it comes with SPF 35.
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