Friday, November 9, 2012

Maybelline Jewels Collection Rubylicious Lipstick Review


Maybelline has finally launched its much anticipated and awaited jewel inspired range of lipsticks that claims to have illuminated color made from deep jewelucent pigments that even contain honey nectar to give the lipstick a creamier feel. The Rubylicious lipstick is a red shade with a purple patch and is set to grab more eyeballs than the other shades.

 The Maybelline Jewels Collection Rubylicious Lipstick is conveniently priced at INR 350 for a 3.9 gm bottle.

About the Maybelline Jewels Collection Rubilicious shade, it is of deep reddish pink color with a purple undertone .One can easily get reminded of berries while looking at the color since the Rubylicious color resembles them a lot.

The packaging of Maybelline Jewels Collection Rubylicious Lipstick is attractive. It is a regular color sensational silver bullet case packaging with a lid.


·       The price is actually low and one can get it at further discount from various online shops. This works favorably for the product

·       The Rubylicious shade is ideal for any lip color and is bound to suit everyone.

·       This can be worn by women with pigmented lips too

·       It is very convenient to use especially because of the packaging and is light weight, thus comfortable to carry anywhere.

·       The Rubylicious shade can be worn out with a lighter shade for a casual look or a tone darker for the party look.
·       It stays on the lip for a very long time

·       The Maybelline Jewels Collection Rubylicious Lipstick can smudge easily.

·       It has an awkward medicine like fragrance that many people can dislike.
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