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3 ways of styling short hair

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The recent fashion trends show nowadays hair styling options meant for women with short croppy hairs are trending the most. Celebrities like Anna Hathaway, Rihanna and Halle Berry are seen donning them in movie premiere events and red carpets and the time is not far when the boring long hair hairstyles would give way to stylish trendy and cute hairstyles for short tresses. Let’s have a look on the cutest hairstyles that you can sport for your short hairs:

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Pixie Cut: Super short and trendy, that’s the Pixie hairstyle for women always on the run. The Pixie haircut is the latest trend that requires absolutely no maintenance and is easy to carry. You can either keep it as it is or keep a small ponytail at the back and all you need to do is look stylish. That’s it!
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Chic Pompadour: An easy to carry hairstyle that requires no extra efforts. Just apply soft hair mousse on the sides of the hair, make a curl taking the hairs from the crown of your head, hold it for some time and just release it to flow that way.
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Messy Chignon: This hairstyle is apt for those having a slightly longer hair. Just hold all the hairs together and pull them back twisting them to make a bun and then apply some hair pins to hold them back. The messy hair style will give you a trendy look.

These super cute short hair hairstyles are not only edgy and high on style but also score high on maintenance factor since they do not require extra efforts that has to be there in case of long hairs. Also keeping short tresses is fashionable and high on style. If you already have short hairs or preparing to get one, try these super trendy and cute styles and flaunt a new look everyday!

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