Friday, November 9, 2012

NYX Felt Tip Liner Review

RATING : 6.5 OUT OF 10

Frankly speaking, I am not too much into liquid liners, due to the lack of time for makeup and dress up before going out. But I am not totally averse to liquid liners. Especially the felt tip eyeliners, kind of allure me! So, yes I have got the NYX Felt Tip Liner recently.

What NYX claims about the NYX Felt Tip Liner : Felt Tip Eye Liner eye marker creates a smudge-proof, budge-proof and waterproof line that lives up to its description as a “one-day tattoo.” The eye liner marker releases the ideal amount of ink for decidedly dramatic peepers.

The NYX Felt Tip Liner costs INR Rs 650 and you get just 0.6 ml of the thing – expensive, no doubt! First of all, the felt tip liner in this eyeliner makes the application super easy. It kind of looks like a marker pen with a sharpened tip. The sharp tip allows to draw fine lines. However, the tip tends to catch on dirt and colors of the eyeshadows soon, so do have a tissue nearby, so that you can wipe the dirt away. What I like about the eyeliner is that you can draw both thick and thin lines, according to your likes and dislikes.

You can get NYX Felt Tip Liner in two colors – Jet Black, Dark Brown. Now after you apply the eyeliner on the eyelids, it tends to dry super fast. It has a good flow. The liner stays on well for whole day. But one thing, which has made me to not “like” the eyeliner, is that the quantity! It lasts for a few days only, and dries so soon. So even though the liner is good, it gets over so soon, that its not possible to repurchase and use it again.

Also the color ‘jet black’ is not super black (you know what I mean!). Its kind of faded black or bluish black. So that’s another negative quality of this NYX felt tip eye liner.
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