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Bridal Makeup Tips for Dry skin

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Today is Nina’s wedding day and all she is wondering is that her dry skin will again cheat on her and wear away! Don’t you exactly face the same dilemma for your special day? Well this scenario is the same for all the Ninas and others of the world with extremely dry skin and all the brides are left wondering is what to do so that the makeup remains as special as the day. Well here are a few tricks just for you so that you would not have to think twice before putting on the makeup and look as gorgeous as you have always been:

Moisturizing: First of all start your makeup routine with washing your face with a mild soap. Apply a moisturizer from a good brand that suits your skin and let it absorb for five minutes. Then apply a face primer to coat the entire face. Make sure that none of the area is left since the primer will help the moisturizer to retain the make up for a longer time.

Concealer: An effective concealer can camouflage the dry pigmented rough skin effectively and can hide any mark of blemish or dark spots. For dry skin you should always choose a Concealer containing polyhydroxy acid that helps the skin tone to even out.

Foundation: Apply a liquid foundation that suits your skin tone the best. Women with dry skins should always avoid using powder foundations since they create lines on the surface of the skin and come out very easily. Also use a foundation with antioxidants that will help the skin to retain its moisture and not become dull.

Eyes: Just like powder foundations avoid powder eye shadows too. Try using a cream based eye shadow that helps to hydrate the skin and let the eye makeup stay for a long time.

Lips: Avoid using matte lipsticks since they stick to the skin and make it drier. You can choose any other lipstick but make sure that it contains minerals that can moisturize the skin.

Makeup is always a big issue for women and especially when it is their marriage day. Dry skins are very difficult to handle since the makeup does not stick to the skin for long and comes off very easily. Also makeup actually starts showing up a lot of blemishes and dullness on this kinds of skin rather than camouflaging them. Try out the makeup tips for weddings or any occasion and see the difference it does to your skin.
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