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Winter Skincare Tips

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Winter season not only brings a tons of invitations for parties, picnics, get togethers, weddings and several cups of mouth-watering hot chocolates with it, but its often accompanied by excessive dryness of skin. We get dull dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels to name a few of the evils. However, there is no need to fret. We have brought for you some wonderful winter skincare tips. Read on, beauties!

Moisturizing and exfoliating :
Instead of using a water-based moisturizer, go for oil based moisturizers if you have dry or normal skin. But if you have oily skin, then apply the water-based moisturizer twice daily. Also you need to exfoliate the skin, at least once in a week, so that the skin gets rid of dead cells. Exfoliation also helps the skin to absorb moisture properly.

Creamy facial cleanser :
You would not want a cleanser which will take away all the moisture from your skin, and make skin dull and dry. So just avoid using oil-free cleansers, and opt for creamy facial cleansers, if you have dry to normal skin. And if you have oily or combination skin, you can use a moisturising cleanser.

Moisturizing facial mask :
Put aside mud packs and apply moisturizing face masks which helps to replenish moisture. You can also use a nourishing homemade face mask. Mash avocado’s flesh with the help of a fork, and add a bit of virgin olive oil into it. Then put this mixture on your face and keep it for 10 minutes. Rinse off the pack after that.

Moisturizing after shower :
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Just after taking showers, apply body lotion or cream or body oil. Remember its best to apply the lotion or oil on a bit of damp skin, which is towel dried. This will lock in all moisture into your skin and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Do not take hot showers :
Hot water strips the skin of its natural oil and moisture. Therefore avoid taking bath in hot water, instead take shower in lukewarm water.

Take special care of hands & feet :
Slather some petroleum jelly or Vaseline on hands and feet liberally at night, and slip your feet inside a pair of socks. This helps in locking in the moisture.

Take care of your lips :
Always use a lip balm which contains SPF during winter. Look for ingredients like aloe, Vitamin E, beeswax, essential oil in it. Never ever lick the lips if the lips feel dry. Exfoliation of lips daily is necessary. Pick moisturising lipsticks for winter.

Drink lots of water :
As the temperature falls down, we drink less and less water – but thats wrong! That might dehydrate the skin. So make sure you drink water, and keep yourself hydrated, which can make the skin glowing and healthier.

No alcohol :
The skincare and haircare products which have alcohol contents in it must be avoided. As alcohol evaporates, it might feel refreshing and cooling on the skin, but at the same time, it strips off the moisture from the skin.

Ditch heat treatments :
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Instead of using hair dryers to dry your hair in the winter, always towel dry your hair. And if its absolutely necessary for you, to use a hair dryer, use it for less time.
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