Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ADMIRING ~ Peplum Dress

Picture courtesy : lipsy.co.uk
Peplum and peplum and more peplum, 2012 was all about peplum dresses! Women are going crazy about peplum dresses and the fashionistas? They are just fanatic about these. And you know what, all of them cant be wrong. There must be some magic in peplum which created so much of hype about it.

Be it a peplum blazer, a peplum skirt, a peplum top, peplum dresses and even peplum swimsuits, they can make you look slimmer, contrary to the untrue speculations about looking fat in peplum dresses. What you need to know is how to dress up properly so as to flaunt your body shape in peplum dresses instead of looking bulky.

Tips to wear peplum dresses :-
1. If you are wearing a peplum top, team it up with skinny pants or wide-legged variety, according to your legs’ length.
Picture Courtesy : indulgy

2. Choosing the colors wisely is another tricky way of looking good in peplum dresses. If you have broad shoulders and you are busty, then wear a dark toned peplum top and pair it with a light colored skirt or pant. Similarly, if you are having a problematic bottom half, wear dark toned outfits below while light colored top or something for the upper half.

3. Instead of wearing peplums in a plain manner, you can make it more stylish, by adding more details in it like mesh, laces or prints, etc

4. Never wear ankle strap shoes with peplum dress. The peplum dress is already following a horizontal line, going against the natural lines of your body. So don’t go in for another distraction by wearing ankle strap shoes. Go for ankle length boots or court shoes.

5. Pick up such fabrics for peplum dresses, which is kind of figure hugging for your body. Like chiffon, light cotton or even knits.
Picture courtesy : fashionfinder.asos

6. And finally before purchasing a peplum dress, do try out some pieces of peplum dresses on yourself to see how they fit in your body.
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