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How to wash and cleanse your face the right way

Heya everyone, i could not write for quite some time on aEsThEtIcS, however today finally i got a chance to write something for the blog. I have been looking for some interesting topics to read and write about and this is one such interesting topic.

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As the beauty experts say CTM must be engraved in your heart and brain, i know by now you girls must have made it a daily habit. But are you washing and cleansing your face properly? Ask yourself, and you might not find a confident answer. However, after going through this article, you will get the answer.

Start with a clean palette –
When we talk of good healthy skin, the first thing that comes in the list is a cleansed face. And if you think, all of us who wash our faces regularly, do that correctly, then you might be upset knowing that a recent survey indicated majority of women are NOT doing it right! Some don’t use the right thing, while others might not be giving the skin a proper treatment. According to a renowned dermatologist, if the skin is not cleansed properly, there is no point applying the best moisturizers or anti-acne or wrinkle removing products after that.

Remove makeup before cleansing –
Before you start washing or cleaning your face, make sure you have removed every trace of makeup from the face with a makeup remover. And sometimes a simple makeup remover wont be able to remove all of your eye makeup, in that case, use an eye makeup remover or a cleanser with vegetable oil. In this way you wont need to rub or tug the eye area roughly.

Choose face wash according to your skin needs –
Not all expensive cleansers are the best for your skin type. You need to choose something which is gentle on skin and is non-foaming. Generally body wash or soaps and liquid face wash are a bit drying on the skin, but you need a gentle cleanser. If you are oily skinned, use a gel face wash. If you are having normal skin type, you can use a foaming one. And if you are having dry skin or sensitive one, then use a gently creamy face cleanser. If you are having sensitive skin, steer clear of such products which contain preservatives, lanolin, formaldehydes.

Twice a day, wash your face –
You must wash your face twice daily – preferably in the morning and evening. After washing the face, apply your rejuvenating serum or acne lotions. The cleansed face will help the ingredients in the skincare products to work properly on your skin. As debris builds up on the skin due to makeup, pollution, sebum throughout the day, it is very important to wash the face in the evening.

The finger help –
Take the help of your fingers to massage the skin while cleansing which will promote circulation and also help in lymphatic drainage. For acne prone skin, facial sponges can be more helpful. Also one can use electronic exfoliators. But do remember, over-scrubbing can lead to skin irritation which causes breakouts.
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Lukewarm water for cleansing –
To rinse off the cleanser, use lukewarm water. Splash sufficient water on the face to remove the cleanser. Too hot or too cold water will irritate the skin and will give rise to broken capillaries.

Use clean cloth for drying –
After washing your face, use a separate towel only for your face to dry the face. Wash the face towel regularly. And do not rub your face with the towel, instead you should pat dry your face. It is better if you can use a clean soft cloth instead of towel on the face.
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