Thursday, December 13, 2012

Few Eye Makeup Tips for Asian Women

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A lot of Asian women want to make their eyes appear bigger. But according to some makeup artists, instead of making the eyes look bigger, one should try to accentuate the original slanted eyes of them and try to draw attention towards the eyes in a proper manner. Victoria Jackson, a makeup artist insists that Asian women should not try to change their shapes of the eyes, instead should enhance the features.

Alright, so below i am gonna list down a few easy eye makeup tips for asian eyes.

1.      Do not try to change the shape of your eyes, instead enhance the natural shape of your eyes.

2.      Do not use black eye shadow or eye-brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows. That will make you look unnatural. Pick mahogany or dark brown colors to fill up your brows.

3.      To fill in the brows, with soft feather-like movements draw the eye brows in the direction of hair growth.

4.      To get neatly groomed brows, use a clear brow gel after you have filled in the brows well.
Image courtesy : Make-up Designory LA/Pamela Hackeman

5.      Stay away from dark eye shadow colors if possible. Dark colors make the eyes look smaller.

6.      While applying eye shadow, put on the entire eyelid upto the crease, a light eye shadow and on the upper lashline apply a darker eyeshadow. Blend the dark shade with the lighter one.

7.      Apply black eyeliner pencil and smudge it with a smudger to get the smokey look.

8.      For the lower lashline, draw a soft line with a dark eye shadow.

9.      Curl the eyelashes and then apply coats of mascara.

10.  Take a lash brush and comb through the eyelashes, so that the mascara wont get clumpy on the eyelashes.
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