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Lady Gaga’s Beauty/Makeup Secrets

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Lady Gaga does not need any introduction. So, let me go to the topic straight away. All of us want to know our favourite celebrities makeup and beauty secrets. And today, I am gonna tell you all about Lady Gaga’s beauty and and makeup secrets, and also about Gaga’s makeup favourites. Read on!

Though she is one of a kind, but Gaga’s beauty secrets and routine are quite simple. We do get awestruck to see her in her videos – she appears each time, better than the last time and essays a unique thinking with her body language, the theme of her songs, her makeup, her costumes etc.

When it comes to beauty inspiration, Lady Gaga looks upto her mother Cynthia Germanotta and also Princess Diana. She tries to follow her mommy’s advice of washing the face with an ivory soap. But then Gaga has one bad habit of going to sleep with makeup on. Oh! I know you must be shocked to know that, but Lady Gaga loves shocking people, u know! But see, she looks flawless always even though she sometimes sleep whole week with makeup on! Do not try her bad habit on yourself, we might not be blessed with such good genes like she is having. Lets keep our skin safe.
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She always carries a sunblock in her bag, she does not like tanning her face. Gaga says sunlight is bad and can cause wrinkles. So Gaga fans are you listening? Keep a sunblock lotion with yourselves always. And apply sunscreen daily!

If you thought Gaga feels great to walk wearing those sky-kissing heels, it is not so correct. She says her feet ache, and she is always in need of good foot massage to relieve her feet of the pain.

Sarah Tanno is the great lady who is behind Lady Gaga’s drop-dead gorgeous looks everytime. She shares a simple tip which Lady Gaga follows without miss. To get long-lasting makeup during stage performances, Lady Gaga uses a sponge to apply the foundation, and before applying the makeup, sprays finishing spray on the makeup sponge. Once the foundation has been applied, the makeup is set off by a finishing spray again!

Also Sarah does not reapply the makeup on Gaga during performances, instead she blots the greasiness or sweat with a tissue paper, and the makeup looks dewy fresh again.

Okay, below I am going to list down the makeup essentials and favourites of the singer.

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Perfumes : Versace Baby Rose Jeans, Jean Nate by Revlon, Sexiest Fantasies Strawberries & Champagne Body Spray.

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Eye Makeup Product : MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack.

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Lipstick : MAC Viva Glam Gaga

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Foundation : Face Atelier Ultra Foundation PRO in shade Porcelain.

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Makeup Spray : Makeup Finishing Spray from Skindinavia

Lady Gaga’s Favourite Shampoo : Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo.

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One last tip which Gaga gives to all her fans is that to be yourself and stop copying others. She also says it is cool to wear either the mascara on your lashes or just eyeliner. But not both. And that is the reason, she is often seen without falsies or mascara on her eyes.
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  1. Though I personally do not like her makeup style,I must say that Lady Gaga's style is unique and sets her apart from the rest.Loved Sarah Tanno's techniques.

  2. Most of Gaga's makeup favs are not available in India i guess. But anyhoo great compilation. Love this article <3 One thing i like about you guys blog is that its a bit different from the rest of the lot, i mean some of the articles that you cover here, those are quite good and interesting, and not seen in other indo blogs.