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How to apply simple natural makeup

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Piling on the makeup on your face and looking all made up is a big NO-NO these days. Today we all want to get the naturally beautiful look. For that light makeup is required and not heavy foundations and pancake makeup. For everyday purpose, nothing can beat the barely there makeup look! So the secret of looking beautiful naturally is to wear minimal and light makeup which wont clog the pores and can be worn by women of all age groups.

Simple makeup can be applied in a few minutes and can be done so easily. For the natural look, of course you will need basic makeup products. For the simple natural makeup, you need not spend hundreds of dollars to buy expensive makeup items. Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to get the beautiful dewy look within minutes.

Cleanse and hydrate the skin : Before applying any kind of makeup, always cleanse your skin properly with a facial wash or a cleanser. Then apply a bit of moisturizer on the face. In this way, you can get your makeup on in a better way, as the skin gets fully prepared for the makeup application.

In fact a moisturizing face wash is a best alternative if you are hard pressed for time. This will remove excessive greasiness from the face, and keeping the essential oils intact. If you have dry skin or normal skin, do use a moisturizing lotion after this. After applying the lotion, wait for a few minutes before applying the foundation.
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Foundation : Choose a foundation which matches your skin tone. If you are using a liquid foundation, its better to apply it with a sponge. For powder foundation, you can use a kabuki brush or a powder brush. Dry skinned beauties are more safe using liquid foundation while oily skinned divas can use powder foundation. Do remember to apply the foundation evenly so that no patches appear.

Translucent powder : To get naturally glowing skin, puff some translucent powder on the face. It will give you a dewy look. You should use only a bit of powder and not too much, otherwise that will give you a cakey look.

Mascara : For a simple look, do not apply layers and layers of mascara on the lashes. A bit of mascara is sufficient. With a single sweep of mascara, you will be ready. This will darken the eyelashes and also avoid any clumpiness. Instead of black mascaras, you can use a dark brown mascara for daytime makeup.
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Blush : A hint of blush on the cheeks gives a natural flushed look instantly. Use blushes of baby pink or rose color. If you have oily skin, apply powder blushes, and if you have dry skin, you may opt for gel or cream blushes.

Lips : Skip lipstick and apply a sheer lip gloss in softer shades like peach, pink, light brown. If you are having warm skin tones, go for warmer colors.
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