Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to use a lip tint for a natural look

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If you want to skip lipstick or pigmented lip glosses, a lip tint or lip stain is a great option. Lip tints add some color to your lips, without overpowering the rest of the makeup and thus is perfect for natural look. As it is fall already, you might be using darker shades on the eyelids, so in order to balance it out, you need to keep the rest of the face makeup simple and less. So here aEsThEtIcS brings for you some tips to get the natural look this season with a lip tint.

Color of the lip tint / lip stain : Choose a color which is near to your natural lip colors, having only a touch of red, pink in it. Generally lip stains or lip tints are sheer and just adds a bit of shine and dash of color to the lips. Thus choose the color of the lip tint accordingly. This will enhance the shape of your lips and make it look plumpy.

Choose a moisturizing formulae : Pick up a simple tinted lip balm or lip tint which will seal in the moisture on your lips. This gives a more kissable lips! Check out the ingredients of the lip balm or tint before making the final purchase. Most moisturizing lip balms contain olive oil or coconut oil or both. Also lip stains with SPF content will be the best option.

Enhance the lips shape with a lip liner : A lip liner will add definition to the lips, so go for a nude color lip liner and use it to line your lips before you apply the lip tint. Using a natural shaded lip liner, will give a natural look. Also you can blend in the liner with the lip tint or lip balm to get a smoother finish and this will also ensure that the color stays on for quite sometime.
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