Monday, January 28, 2013

Computer Rays Versus Facial Skin

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Dry skin tends to get dehydrated soon, losing the elasticity and strength. Also due to the daily use of computers which emit harmful rays, skin falls prey to premature wrinkles. Now, we know it is not possible to avoid any kind of contact with computers so, here are a few tips on how you can combat the attack of computer rays on the skin.

Scientists of Germany found it out that cabbages and tomatoes can provide a lot of protection to the skin from such harmful rays. These scientists have thus recommended to have at least 500 to 700 gms of both the vegetables on a daily basis.

Scientists of Netherlands have further came up with the suggestion that after working for long hours in front of the computer, relaxing for a few minutes with a towel dipped in mineral salts or red cedar on the face is highly beneficial.

The Chinese doctors are of the opinion that sipping on water after every 30 minutes while working on computers can refresh the facial skin. To get more benefits, one can also add lemon or orange juices in the plain water. Also these doctors do recommend to have at least 300 ml of green tea per day since it has a neutralizing effect on the bad effects on the skin by the harmful rays. Also apple or frozen fruit juices can be used to rub the facial skin with.

Specialists of Japan advises putting cactus pots nearby computers as the cactus plants absorb 50% of the harmful radiations of the computers. Also it has been proven by researchers that cactus freshens up the dry air, providing oxygen.

Canadian researchers advice using water sprayer on the face will counteract the bad effects on the skin due to usage of computers. Spray mineral water on the face or use a wet tissue to rub the face. If you have makeup on your face, go for deep hydration thermal spray. This restores the moisture to your skin and also fixes your makeup and helps it last longer.

Doctors of Lithunia, recommend using rye bread to wash the facial skin. Use hot water to cover the bread and after it gets cool, strain. Now, use this water to wash your face throughout the day, as many times you want.
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