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How to make your eyes look bigger

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Who does not want a pair of big beautiful eyes! However, many a times, Mother Nature is not so cooperative to give us such ideal pair of eyes. But then you can yourself try to make your eyes look bigger. There are a number of ways to do so.

1.      Eyebrow Grooming : Eyebrows frame the eyes. Just by removing the stray hairs, the eyes become noticeable. But then don’t be of the opinion that thinner eyebrows make the eyes look bigger – that is untrue!

2.      Reducing Puffiness of Eyes : Swelling of the eye area can make the eyes look smaller. Sleep well, also use cold water to wash your face. Placing cold teabags over the eyes can tighten the skin.

3.      Less Eyeliner : Applying eyeliner all around the eyes can make your eyes look smaller. Smokey eyes are not a good option if you want to make your eyes look bigger. Dont apply eyeliner on the lower rim, you can apply it only below the lower lash line. However you can apply white eyeliner on the rim of the eyes.

4.      Extending Eyeliner Outward : While lining the eyes, you must extend the line a bit upwards which mimicks longer eyelashes. But be careful to line your eyes symmetrically or else your eyes will look lopsided.
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5.      White Eyeliner in the inner corner : Apply white eyeshadow or eyeliner, that helps bringing more light to the eyes. However, the eyeliner should not be harsh white. You can also use the white liner on the lower waterline.

6.      Bid Good-bye to Dark Circles : Dark circles divert attention from the eyes to the dark shadows on the eyes, so you need to get rid of these dark circles at any cost. Have a balanced diet and get sound sleep. Also reduce the intake of salt in your diet.

7.      Circle Contact Lens : Mostly found in Asian countries, circle contacts can give the iris the appearance of being bigger. This makes the eyes look bigger.

8.      Taking care of Eyes & Eye lashes : Use rosewater to wash the eye area every day before going to sleep. Apply almond oil and or olive oil on the eye lashes, these oils help the lashes to grow out well.
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