Monday, January 21, 2013

Hazards Of Using A Hair Dryer

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When excessively used, hair dryers can be too harmful. When used daily, hair dryers can make your hair lack in moisture, strength and shine. And the end result is tangled mane with split-up problems. To restore the hairs natural shine and moisture, you need to invest in good conditioners, shampoos, serums et al which are equally expensive when compared to that of a quality hair dryer.

As per a beauty magazine, a few hair dryers may have blows that are equal to 676 jet engines. Therefore constant usage of a dryer, can cause impairment in hearing. Of course, hearing less is a much more embarrassing situation than having you hair wet.

Hair dryers’ temperature can rise very high. So if you do not handle it with care, you might burn your head or face! And as we know, the marks left by burns are not at all easy to get rid of.

Generally we keep hair dryer in our bathrooms only. They are always kept plugged in, and are monitored by the on and off switch. However, this might have some dangerous consequences, as if you have minors or kids in your house, and they get an access to your bathroom. Then they can mishandle the hair dryer and get injured. So, keep your hair dryer in your closet or bedroom, and always plug it out after use.

Now that you know the hazards of hair dryers, try to be cautious while using a hair dryer. Also, there are several good as well as affordable hair dryers in the market, pick one for yourself after going through the reviews of hair dryers available in the internet.
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