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Makeup for women of 50s

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As we reach the age of 50 and above, our skin need proper care. For matured skin, you must always look for some moisturizing formulae of makeup that do not settle into the wrinkles or lines. In the beauty market today, there are several makeup items suitable for the ladies who are in the age group of 50 and above.

Remember that for makeup for women over 50, you need to choose a proper foundation firstly. Foundation matters the most. The texture of the skin changes as one ages, so in order to get a youthful appearance, you need to achieve firstly a smooth and even canvas.

Foundation – For women over 50 years of age, you need to pick a foundation which is moisturizing and also has SPF content in it to give full protection to the ageing skin. Do not pick any powder foundation or a foundation which gives a matte look! This dries the skin and settles in the lines.

You also need such a foundation which comes with decent coverage to cover any kind of marks like rashes or age spots etc. However, you should not use tons of makeup on face, it should not give you a mask like appearance. You need to look radiant and fresh.

Eye Makeup – Choose such eye shadows which are in neutrals and has a silky satin like finish. Matte or heavily shimmery eye shadows are a big NO as they make the eyes look drier and aged, exaggerating the fine lines. Taupe, gray, light brown eye shadow shades are great for women over 50s. However, very bright eye shadow colors like bright green or yellow can make your matured skin look aged!

Blush – Pick up warm pink shades, and go for creamy blushes. This will give your face a fresh look. As we age, our face kind of hollows out and that is the reason in makeup for women of 50s, you need not contour your face. While younger girls and ladies can contour their face to get sculpted look, for matured women, contouring is not such a great idea. To create fullness, sweep the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Go for satin finished blushes, do not pick up something which is too shimmery.

Lipsticks – To get fuller and moisturized lips, use a moisturizing lipstick only. As lips get thinner as we age, it is not at all a good idea to wear matte lipsticks as such lippies only draw more attention to the lips and wrinkles around the lips. To accentuate the plumpiness of your lips, use tawny or light rose lipstick shades. However, any lip color which is too pale or too bright is again not suitable for women of 50s and above.
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