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How to get longer and thicker eyelashes

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Being a woman, I always wish for thick long eyelashes. My eyelashes are not so bad afterall, but of course I need some length and a bit of volume. I am sure, just like me, many of you reading this article too wish for the same thing. Obviously it is much more practical to take care of your natural eyelashes rather than buying new pairs of eyelashes, as it cant be worn always. Now, it might be so, the creator did not gift us such beautiful luscious eyelashes since birth, but then proper care can give us those volumnized curly lashes.

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Eyelash brush - Have you ever used an eyelash brush? I am sure, most of you will answer in the negative. So its time you go back to your vanity case and pick that brush up! According to a beauty magazine, one must brush the eyelashes at least 2 times daily from the roots to the tips. So, what are waiting for? Now that you know the usage of an eyelash brush, do not keep it back in your bag without using it.

Cator Oil - Buy a small bottle of castor oil and keep it with yourself. Eyelashes have a great companionship with castor oil, and you need to use this friendship in favour of your eyes. Every night before going to bed, rub a bit of castor oil onto the eyelashes, keeping the eyes closed all the time. After 10 minutes, you can rinse off the oil with a cotton ball.

Homemade Pack for Eyelashes – You can also prepare a homemade pack for beautiful eyelashes. Take 10 gram of vaseline, 7 grams of castor oil and a bit of tannin. Mix the ingredients well. Apply the mixture everyday to see your eyelashes growing fast.

No trimming of eyelashes - Even if the tips of your eyelashes get sunburnt at any point of time, do not cut them off. This will prevent the eyelashes from growing.

Mascara application - While applying mascara on the eyelashes, to prevent the formation of clumps or the lashes getting stuck together, move the mascara brush in a vertical motion rather than horizontally. This will also help you to reach each and every lashes properly.

Use brown pencils for optical illusion of thicker lashes - You can also make the eyelashes look optically thicker, you just need to have a dark brown eye pencil for that. Trace the roots of the eyelashes with the pencil. And then apply mascara.

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Follow your own requirements - Also it is often believed that putting any kind of mascara or eyeshadow on the lower lashes can make the eyes look smaller. Well, you need to find it out what suits on your eye shape the best. For some girls, the eye makeup on the lower eyelashes and lids can add more depth to the eyes.
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