Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review : Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation/ Bourjois Paris Fond De Teint Pinceau

RATING – 8.5 OUT OF 10

Here is another product from Bourjois which i purchased recently. It is the Bourjois Paris Fond De Teint Pinceau or the Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation. This foundation is a bit expensive but as i am a foundation addict, i don’t mind generally to spend a bit more in foundation rather than in any other makeup stuffs.

What Bourjois claims about the Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation? : Bourjois Brush Foundation combines a liquid foundation with a convenient, in-built soft-touch applicator.

The foundation contains ‘soft focus’ pigments and silicon elastomer that optimise the diffusion of light and mask blemishes. The brush’s flexible bristles are designed for blending on every area of the face.

How to use the foundation : To use, press a button in the base of the container. Once brushes are coated with foundation, dab on to the face, working outwards for an even finish.

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The Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation comes in a packaging of something like click pen which has a brush at one end. There is a depressor on the other end, which when pressed, foundation flows into the brush and then you can apply the foundation on your face with the help of the brush. But then the brush is not of much use for blending. So it is better to blend with fingertips. One thing which i quite like about this product is that it is travel-friendly.

It provides light coverage and the consistency is quite runny. So if you just need a little something to even out the skin tone and not looking for a great coverage, one click will give out enough product to serve that purpose. I got a powdery matte look after applying the foundation, now as i am a die-hard fan of matte stuffs, thats okay with me. But for girls who love the dewy look, this foundation might not be a good choice. Also in India generally we can find only 5 shades, so finding the right Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation which matches your complexion might be a bit tough task!

The fragrance of this foundation is quite refreshing. Bourjois Paris Brush Foundation costs INR Rs 1120 in India. I am more or less satisfied with the product. However for dry skinned ladies this might not be a good try! Also in winter season, this foundation can causing more dryness and make the face look caked up.

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