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How to treat eyelash dandruff

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If you thought only your hair can suffer from dandruff problems, let me say it, that not only your mane but even your eyelashes can have dandruff! Eyelashes having dandruff are severe to be treated as soon as possible, otherwise it might lead to falling off the eyelashes.

Lash line dandruff results from soborrheic dermatitis caused on the eyelids. Skin suffers the most, when you stuff in junk food, alcohol, caffeine and your body system lacks sufficient water. Also the disease may be due to clogged pores on your eyelashes. There are many other reasons for the cause of dandruff, but the need of the moment (if you are suffering from eyelash dandruff) is to treat it.

As lash line is close by to the eyes, direct usage of chemicals might not be possible to treat the eyelash dandruff. Use a soap or face wash which has tea tree oil or pyrithione zinc to wash your face. This helps in keeping the yeast germs at bay, which can cause dandruff. But then be cautious not to allow the face wash to enter your eyes. Depending on the dandruff problem, its severity wash your face twice or once daily.

Also to cleanse the upper as well as lower lashes you can use a baby shampoo mixed with water, and apply it with a cotton swab on the lashes. You can see the results soon.
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If your eyelids are excessively dry, then that is the reason for dandruff formation. Take a bit of almond oil and warm it up. Apply this every night before going to bed. This helps in the re-growth of eyelashes which might have been falling off due to dandruff problems.

Now contrary to what you to do to treat dandruff on scalp and hair, that is using lemon juice, completely avoid using lemon juice on the eyelashes. Lemon juice will irritate the eyes. Even after trying out the home remedies to treat dandruff of eyelashes, if no results are visible and your eyelids and eyebrows are flaky, it is time to visit the dermatologist’s chamber.

You also need to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet and try not to have fast food, caffeine, alcoholic drinks. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Also go for boiled vegetables in your diet instead of fried food.
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