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Color Theory for Women’s Makeup

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Corresponding to the four seasons, we can be grouped into 4 sections based on color. Now if you want to find out to which section/group you belong, you need to take a quick glance on yourself – hair’s natural color, eyes color, skin complexion. Based on these guidelines, everyone can be put into any one of the four groups – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Winter and summer are cold tones, while spring and autumn are warm tones. Again, winter and autumn are all about rich contrasting colors while summer and spring are all about paler and soft colors.

So, this color theory can determine the type of makeup you need to wear. In fact it also plays a role in selecting the color of your outfit. And additionally, according to the theory, if a person is in his/her color range, he/she looks the best and also feels much better.
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Person who fall in the winter type, do possess dark hair and pale complexion. Therefore it is possible for these winter ladies and men to try out the boldest colors elegantly. They have pinkish undertones in their complexion. It can even be pale and bluish.
Spring ladies are safe going with grayish colors. Their hair color is ash-blond to dark and black color. Eyes are of bright colors like grey, dark brown, black, light green. For eyebrows use black or grey colored pencils. For eye shadows, you can use shades of pink, blue, dark purple, emerald, burgundy, deep red etc. For mascara , its better to use black or blue ones. For the lips, burgundy, cherry, amethyst, scarlet colors can be used. One should avoid lilac, warm pastel tones, yellow, off-white peachy colors totally.

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