Wednesday, February 13, 2013

H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream Review


I have been trying to write a review of H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream for 2 weeks now, however could never start writing it. Anyways, so today’s product which is to be reviewed is again by H2O+. My mother wanted to try out all the anti-aging products of H2O+ available in the Indian market before she tries her hands on Thalgo and Vichy. So lets see how it goes. Well, I am gonna start writing the review now. Read on.

What H2O+ claims about the H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream? : Sensitive skin tested. This calming eye cream delivers brighter, smoother-looking eyes.

Japanese Green tea, Paraguay tea and aloe-vera soothes while reducing inflammation.

Moisture-intensive cream deeply nourishes and fades the look of fine lines.

Caffeine minimizes a puffy appearance; micro-illuminators visibly brighten shadowy undereyes.

Free of parabens, dyes and fragrances.

Directions of use : Apply to eye contour morning and night.

H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream costs Rs 1600 for a pack of 15ml. It is completely fragrance free, and is a bit creamy. It looks like a white cream, consistency is medium and quite thick. The cream takes a bit of time to get absorbed, so you need to massage the cream properly on the eye contours.

Coming to the results, I find it gives a well-rested appearance and reduces the puffiness of eyes to a small extent only. H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream can cause a bit of irritation on the eye area at times, though I am not very sure whether it is this product which led to the irritation or some dirt or something else. One thing more, if by chance a bit of the cream goes inside your eyes, be prepared to get hellish irritation and it will make your eyes watery.

Touch wood, there is no dark circles so could not understand whether the product works on dark circles or not as it claims to diminish dark circles. H2O+ Marine Calm Restorative Eye Cream does nothing extraordinary and is quite costly. So I am a bit disappointed with the product, to tell honestly!

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