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How not to waste your beauty products

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When we use beauty products, we often forget about wastage of the products we use. We do generously squeeze out more and more from the tube which are often more than what we actually need, and end up rubbing it on a tissue paper. Well, beauty products cost a good amount of money, and we spend dollars and rupees of our earnings for it. So see that, you don’t waste these products. Wanna know how much exactly do you need to use of your beauty products? Stay tuned!

Sunscreen : Before heading outdoors, we apply sunscreen. But how much do we actually need? A nickel-sized dollop of the sunscreen is sufficient to be applied on face, neck and ears. Too much of sunscreen can make your face look greasy while too little can lack in SPF content thereby leading to premature wrinkles and aging.

Retinoids : Retinoids are believed to fight against wrinkles but how much retinoid do you actually need is the question. A pea sized amount would do! Spread a thin layer of the retinoid on your face, neck. Too much retinoid can cause the skin to dry out, make it flaky and reddish too.

Eye Creams : Again a pea sized amount would be sufficient for both the eyes. A thin layer of eye cream can ward off the wrinkles and crow’s feet. Too much of eye cream can cause irritation as well as would make the application of makeup on eye area difficult.
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Acne Cream/Lotion : Even if you need to treat acne all over your face, a pea sized amount would be enough. For spot treatments, less will do.

Shampoo and Conditioner : A quarter sized dollop of shampoo and conditioner each will do the task for medium to long hair. For short haired girls a dime sized amount of each will do. You must use the amount specified of shampoo to get good lather since to clean the hair and make it manageable its important to use sufficient quantity of shampoo.

Hair Mousse : To style the hair, you need an apricot sized amount of mousse. For mid length hair you cant be shy with this hair styling product. You need to saturate the hair with mousse so use the right amount. However if you use a lot of mousse, more than whats required, it will make the hair sticky and too tough to manage. And using too little of the product wont give your hair the volume you desire!

Toothpaste :  A pea sized amount of toothpaste will be enough to brush your teeth each time with. Going overboard with the toothpaste which has whitening properties and contains silica, can damage the teeth enamel and make your teeth dull and lusterless.

Mouthwash : Use only 1 tablespoonful of mouthwash every time you wash your mouth to freshen your breath and disinfect it too.
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