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Kim Kardashian's Beauty/Makeup Secrets

Kim Kardashian, the sexy and glamorous socialite cum celeb is one such beauty to whom many of us girls look to draw some inspiration when it comes to makeup and beauty! So, if you are one such die-hard fan of Kim K and wanna know Kim Kardashian’s makeup tricks and tips and all her secrets, you have come to the right spot as aEsThEtIcS is going to jot down all the beauty secrets of Kim Kardashian. Lets get started! J

The first thing which is so adorable about Kim K is her long shiny mane. She shampoos her hair after every two days as washing the hair everyday can dry out your mane! She also uses a hydrating mask for the hair at least one time in a week. Kim’s favourite hair care products are Moroccan hair oil and also Carol’s Daughter Manoi Hair Mask.

Kim Kardashian’s eye brows are tamed and managed by Anastasia Soare in Beverly Hills. Before doing her brows there, she used to tweeze her brows by herself. Now, at first her brows are waxed and then it is tweezed properly. She visits Anastasia Soare at least once every month.

Kim Kardashian is too popular for her smokey eye look. Now whenever we apply any dark eye shadow on the eyes, we get a lot of fall-outs generally. Here is a trick used by Kim which you too can follow. Before putting on shadows, she applies some white powder under the eyes, so that if specks of shadow fall in that area it can be seen quickly. Also if you want the shadow to last all day long, you can apply some translucent powder on the eyelids before applying the eye shadows.

Kim Kardashian uses the Smashbox Bronze Lights in Suntan Matte shade to contour the face. She is a die-hard fan of the NARS blush Orgasm. She mixes up the blush with a Revlon lipstick and lip glosses from Yves Saint Laurent to get the perfect color of the blush. Kim also layers on her mascaras, she uses generally the MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara and then the Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara. Also she cannot live without her Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towlettes and she carries it always.

When it comes to nails, Kim loves to get her manicure and pedicure done at a nail salon. However she files her nails herself. In fact she carries a file always with her and wants the perfect square shaped nails always. Some of Kim Kardashian’s favourite nail polishes are – My Private Jet, Midnight in Moscow and Samoan Sand from OPI. And Ballet Slippers as well as Mademoiselle from Essie.

To get a good body scrub Kim visits a Korean spa in Los Angeles. She also uses Burt’s Bees Sugar Scrub in Cranberry & Pomegranate. She takes oatmeal for her breakfast, for lunch salad and for dinner she takes chicken.
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