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Skin Undertones and Makeup

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To choose the right shade or color of your lipstick, eye shadow and hair, it is essential to know your skin’s undertone. So, now lets know the technique to discover one’s undertone.

How to know skin undertone – There are 3 types of undertones, namely : warm, cool and neutral.

  • If you have pale or ebony or dark-red or rosy cast in the skin, it indicates you have cool tone.
  • If you have golden, yellow or honey cast in the skintone, it indicates you have warm tone.
  • If your skin is having a blend of both tones or is more olive toned, that means you have neutral undertone.

If you still cant find out your undertone, have a look at your original eye color. Blue or green eyes generally mean, you are having cool undertone. If you have brown or hazel eyes, it suggests you have warm undertone.

Also if you get tanned easily, it suggests usually that you have warm undertone. And if you rarely get a tan, then it usually means you have cool undertone.

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How to choose hair color based on skin undertone – To modify your looks, hair color is one of the fastest options available. Changing the hair color will express your recent style and personality.

  • If you are cool toned, light ash blond or champagne hair colors would be good. For darker hair colors, you may also go for dark brown or light brown hair color.
  • For warm undertones, medium golden brown is the best choice for hair coloring.
  • If you are having neutral tone, you can experiment with any hair color, like brown, red or blonde. If you are visiting a hair-stylist for hair coloring, tell him/her that you have interest in neutral colors only.

How to choose lipsticks to match your skin undertone –

  • If you are cool toned, go for lip colors which have bluish tint or sheen, Colors like cool pinks or blue reds are great for you. Shades of mauve, burgundy and tulip will work great on you.
  • For warm toned girls, warm apricot or reddish brown colored lipsticks would be nice.
  • For neutral toned girls, you may go for Pomegranate shade by Laura Mercier or even for Toasted Pink and Rose shades by Bobbi Brown.

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How to choose eye shadows to match your skin undertone – Skillful application of eye shadow and eye makeup would definitely make your eyes look dreamy and beautiful. Branded eye shadows of superior qualities should last whole day long, and are a better option than eye liners as they seem harsh on eyes if your eyes look tired.

  • For cool toned girls, azure colors like deep sea blue can be great to start with. You may put blue minty shade in the crease.
  • If you are having warm undertone, you have safer bet with colors like apricot or bamboo. If you want to add extra drama to the eyes, go for purple eye shadow. You can also experiment by using moss color.
  • For neutral toned girls, colors like espresso can be good. You may also try out the shade Burgundy from Laura Mercier.
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