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Moroccan Hair Oil

Since time immemorial, hair is nourished with hair oil to make it lustrous and beautiful. Oil is the magic potion which can take proper care of one’s hair. In the beauty industry, one hair oil which is highly in demand these days is the Moroccan Hair Oil or Argan Hair Oil.

How the Moroccan oil is obtained – Moroccan hair oil is obtained from the fruit of the argan plant which can be found only in the Moroccan region. The nutty fruit is dried for weeks in the sun to get the nuts, and then these nuts are crushed to obtain the kernels. Again the kernels are grounded to obtain argan oil in the pure organic form. Argan oil contains fatty acid and Vitamin E.

What are the benefits of Moroccan hair oil – The benefits of Argan hair oil are listed below :-

·       Moisturizing Hair : Argan hair oil has moisturizing properties which can help people who have dry textured hair. If your hair is colored or very dry, then Moroccan hair oil is recommended. If the oil is applied regularly, the hair roots are hydrated and also the shafts of the hair become glossy. Also the dry hair follicles are taken care of by Vitamin E.

·       Roots Care : Moroccan hair oil can help immensely to restore the hair cuticles which are damaged. The damage in the cells are treated by antioxidants present in this oil. The heat effects caused by usage of styling appliances on hair can be diminished while using this oil due to the presence of antioxidants in it.

·       Hair Growth : Argan or Moroccan hair oil can increase the hair growth by regenerating cells. The hair roots get stronger and scalp is nourished by the fatty acids and Omega 3 present in this oil.

·       Scalp Protection : Argan hair oil provides protection to the shafts of the hair from pollution, sun rays and also stress. After penetrating the scalp, this oil will improve the elasticity which will help the hair roots to combat with the anti-pollutants.
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How to Use Moroccan Hair Oil – The application of the Moroccan hair oil depends on the benefit you want to obtain from it. If you want to moisturize the cuticles and strands of hair, then apply the oil every time before you shampoo your hair, at least two times in a week. Take some oil and massage it throughout your scalp from roots to tips. Put on a shower cap and let the oil penetrate into the hair follicles for 30 minutes or so. Use an organic shampoo to wash it away. This will also help to reduce frizz in hair and add luster to the hair.

If you want to protect your hair and restore nourishment to the hair, then apply Moroccan hair oil after your shampoo the hair. Take a bit of the hair oil and massage the hair roots with the oil. To spread the hair oil in an even manner, use a wide-toothed comb to comb the hair. This will help in replenishment of damaged hair.

If you want to address any problems related to hair, Moroccan hair oil or Argan hair oil is the best and affordable solution to it. If you want to save bucks which you would otherwise spend on lavish hair treatments at hair spas, introduce Moroccan hair oil in your beauty regime immediately!
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