Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot Trends for 2013

We noticed a few hot trends this season. Here is a list of the hottest trends, we feel you should follow.

1.     Sleek Center Parted Hair : This season at fashion shows, this is the hottest trend which is actually very easy to do. You can start by using a thermal spray or heat-protectant spray all over your hair, then you can part your hair in the middle and start blow drying the hair using a round brush.
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For the extra sleekness, straighten your hair after that with a straightening iron. And then finish it off with a finishing spray.

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2.     Studded Nail : From jackets to footwear, studs are finding their places in all accessories. And this season, many manicurists are trying out the studded nail art. They are painting the nails in pink, purple or any other hues and then putting over it a stud in any shape.

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3.     Two Textured Mane : This season it is all about mixing up the texture of the hair. You can mix up both straight and wavy styles of hair. Start by parting your hair in the centre and use a three-barrel iron next from the mid part of the hair till down to get crimped hair. Next apply some shine serum on the wavy part of the hair.

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4.     Elaborate Hair Updos : Create your own hair updo by trying out various twists and braiding styles. You can do centre parting and then go for fishtail braiding on both sides of your head, starting from the crown. You can then gently massage the braids to get fullness and after that fold them over one another on the back of your head and use pins to keep it in place.

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5.     Blue Eye shadows : After the 80s this look kinda got faded into oblivion, but then blue lovers, blue eye shadows are back again! To get a sophisticated look, try using an indigo eye shadow all over the lids, and line your eyes with purple liner creating wings at the outer corner. However, if you do not want such a dramatic look, skip the winged eyeliner part, and just apply the blue eye shadow.

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6.     Cat Eyes : Classic cat eyes of the 60s are back again. It is best if you can use a liquid or a gel liner to get the look and do not forget to wing out the liner on the outer corners of the eyes.

Image Courtesy : makeupchronicles.tumblr
7.     Contouring : Many runaway shows stressed on contouring the faces of the models and defined the features of the girls. At home while you are doing this, be subtle, try to bring out the cheekbones and give a defined look to the face. However it should not appear that you are wearing a lot of makeup. When you stress the contouring part, your eye and lip makeup should be minimal. Also use a bit of blush on cheeks and highlighter along with the bronzer.
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