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Nicki Minaj's Beauty & Makeup Secrets

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Nicki Minaj is very popular for her weird and unique beauty looks which keeps on amazing one and all! Love it or not, Nicki is a favourite of beauty bloggers and editors. Its her style and elan which keeps her in the highlight always. So here a few beauty secrets and beauty tips of Nicki Minaj.

Nicki’s unique look is inspired by weird wild people who look odd. Hair stylist Terrence Davison, helps Nicki Minaj in maintaining her huge collection of wigs. She says she never really thought of wearing those faux pieces, that is until she met Terrence who can create magic with these wigs. Nicki always is on the search of those wigs which do not necessarily look like wigs, but more as hair weave.
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Talking about her eye makeup, she says it’s the most important part in her makeup routine. Nicki needs the help of her makeup artists to get her makeup of eyes done properly. Nicki gets messy when it comes to eye makeup and so she trusts on her makeup artists completely to get the perfect Nicki Minaj eye makeup look! She loves lashes and she is completely a “lash girl”. One makeup product without which Nicki Minaj cant live without is the MAC black liquid eyeliner.

For her face, Nicki Minaj uses contouring. She uses a lighter shade of foundation for the under eye area, and skips a concealer. Then she extends into a triangular shape till the sides of the nose, and she uses a blush on top of it.

When it comes to application of blush, Nicki Minaj never goes for the round rosy cheeks, as it makes a woman look old. She applies the blush in a diagonal line across cheekbones and blends it upto the temples. That helps her in changing the shape of her face.
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For both face and legs, Nicki Minaj uses the MAC Pro Longwear Fluid Foundation. According to her, the foundation is too lightweight, so if anyone wants coverage without the cakiness or heaviness of usual foundation then this foundation is the best option.

For Nicki, a pink lipstick and a white eyeliner pencil are quintessential. She would be “useless” without these two stuffs. She loves painting her pout with pink lipsticks, and putting the white liner on the waterline of the eyes.

Nicki Minaj has supersensitive type of skin and so she sticks to the Dove cleansing bar always. Other two skincare products which are Nicki Minaj’s favourites are the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant and Skintimate Extra Gentle Moisturizing Crème Shave.
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