Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why should you try out black jeans?

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Whenever we go to shop a new pair of jeans – we have blue shaded denim in mind. But the blue jeans is part of the bygone era – the ancient American style. Lets stop stacking only blue jeans in our closet. Instead lets try on a black jeans. What say?

When it comes to jeans, not only should you wear it with style but also with attitude. Breaching the old rules is the only option to bring in you the right attitude! A little experimentation with black on our jeans can really take us to another world of fashion!

The color black is bold. The touch of black on your denims will catalyze your dressing style! Black is powerful and there is nothing good than a black jeans or a black denim to change your look. Ditch the boring blue denims and try this trend. You can pair a black denim with any light colored tops, or else you can also wear dark colored tops too with black denims.

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Pick a black jeans keeping in mind the shape of the lower portion of your body. You can purchase denims in different fits like skinny, boot cut, bell bottom, tapered, straight fit. One great thing about a black denim is that, you can stop worrying too much about your body shape and buy a black denim and look dashing in it! Black color can camouflage the flaws in one’s body shape effortlessly, so pick a black denim right now without any worries! If you can choose a right pair of black jeans for yourself, your legs will look slimmer even if it’s a bit flabby.

With black jeans you need not think too much about the colors of tops which would compliment the jeans color well. A black denim is color friendly, so you can pick up any colored t-shirt or top and wear it with the black jeans. If you are going to office, a black jeans brings forward the formal attitude. Pair it with ironed white or light colored shirt. You can accessorize the look with high heels and scarf. Black jeans can be your trademark style. You can look chic as well as professional. Black jeans is suitable for both formal events and parties too.

When it comes to dressing up any occasion, a single pair of fitting black jeans is all you need. You do not need to make your closet full of different shades of blue denims to wear with different colored tops. A black denim can give you a vibrant look as it makes any other colors which is paired with it look colorful and bright. So, the very next time you go out to shop a pair of jeans, rush to buy a black jeans and shove away any blue denims that come in your way!
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