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Skin Care & Hair Care Tips for Holi

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When we think of Holi, the first 2 things which come to our minds are colors and celebration! While celebrating Holi is indeed of a great fun, we often ignore our skin and hair in the meantime. Its obvious, one would love to go out and play Holi to the fullest. But then, we get a constant reminder from our minds that these colors of Holi can be harmful for skin as well as hair.

You need to follow some basic steps for the perfect skin care of Holi. You may try applying oil all over your body before going to play Holi, thats a good remedy. In fact it would be even better if you can go for oil massages from 2 to 3 days before Holi celebrations. Also one needs to protect the skin from the scorching sun rays, so do not forget to apply sunscreen all over the exposed parts of your face and body.

When it comes to hair care for Holi, oil your hair, that is the best option. Also tying the hair properly before going to celebrate Holi is another means of protection.

Here, some great hair and skin care tips which needs to be followed before Holi are given below.

Hair Care :-
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Castor Oil Massage – For thick hair growth nothing beats castor oil. Massage your hair with castor oil at night before Holi celebrations. This helps in strengthening the hair roots and thus wont allow the colors to settle on the scalp.

Combing the hair properly – Yes, combing the hair properly and removing all hair knots is very essential. Holi colors make the hair dull and rough. Therefore comb your hair from before and tie it properly so that your hair is not tangled and knotty after the celebrations are over.

Skin Care :-
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Mustard Oil Massage – Mustard oil being thick wont allow colors to settle down. Also it provides natural protection from sun. So mustard oil massage is a great option for skin care.

Toning the skin - To cleanse the pores of the skin, toning is necessary. This ensures that whatever oil or cream you have used, goes deep into the skin pores and nourishes your skin properly.

Lip Balm – Apply a thick coating of lip balm on the lips as lips are much thinner than the skin of the body.

Almond Oil – To protect and nourish the skin, applying almond oil behind as well as inside the ears is necessary.

Mustard Oil in nostrils – Apply mustard oil on your nostrils, the strong smell of the oil opens up the nostrils. And applying mustard oil before Holi will protect the nostrils from colors.

Paint your nails – The worst affected part by Holi colors are nails. Therefore it is essential to apply thick coating of nail polish on the nails before going for playing colors. Do not forget to cut and file the nails too, so that colors wont be accumulating under your nails.
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