Monday, April 8, 2013

Drawbacks of Organic Makeup

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Before splurging on organic makeup, and throwing all your goody oldy makeup into the trash can, wont you like to think about the drawbacks of organic makeup? Many of you love to stick with synthetic and chemical free makeup products. Indeed its  a beautiful experience that you will skin will be undergoing in the process when you fill your makeup vanity with oodles of organic makeup, but then be ready to spend more than you spend on regular makeup products.

So before you start stocking up your vanity drawers with organic makeup, have a look at the drawbacks of organic makeup, mentioned below.

Organic Makeup is lot more expensive :- Yes you read it right. Many reputed cosmetic brands which retail in organic makeup items, have put on price tags which are almost triple in price when compared to regular makeup products. Well, we do not have a problem to spend a bit of extra money for a quality product, but then we should not be extravagant too!

So try to shop online, and buy products during sales. If there is any free shipping codes, use that. So, this is the way by which you can get healthy organic makeup products.

Organic Makeup has fewer options in colors :- If you want organic makeup, remember it will have a very limited color palette as minerals and plants are the basic elements which makes up organic makeup.

So if you are fond of bright colors like pinks or blues, you might not get it. But if you are a fan of earthly tones, you will find your favourites. And these days due to mineral mica, you can also get shimmery metallic colored organic cosmetic products.

Organic Makeup’s texture :- Many of the organic powder foundations or organic face makeup are thick and does not blend in easily. So, compared to regular face makeup products, these organic makeup might be a bit tough to use. Therefore, one line of suggestion that could help you is that go for a sample test before buying a full-sized product.
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