Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Post-Workout Skincare Tips

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You must have heard of morning skincare regime as well as before bed skincare routine – in fact many of you have a skincare routine for yourself too. But a post workout skincare routine, have you heard of it? Now, here we list a few after gym skincare tips, have a look!

No Make-up while workout :- Whenever you exercise do not have any facial makeup on. That not only makes you look ridiculous, but it also keeps the skin pores blocked while you are gymming. So whenever you are going to gym, be bare-faced! You will sweat a lot during the exercising session, but do not be worried about all that perspiration showing up on your face.

Skip using hot water :- Post workout muscles become sore and also you get tired. Though washing the face or taking a bath in hot water may seem to be a better option as it eases your muscles, it strips the skin of all essential oils, making skin itchy and dry.

Skin Re-hydration :- Just when you get out of the shower, re-hydrate the skin, it is the best time. Apply moisturizer on the skin or body lotion. This makes the skin supple and soft.

Be gentle with your skin :- Due to vigorous exercising, you might have been sweating a lot for the past couple of hours. Therefore, in order to get the clean feel, you might be tempted to scrub your skin well while taking shower. But then this temptation can prove to be disastrous, so use a soft cleanser and a gentle shampoo. This ensures that your skin is soft yet clean.
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