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How to choose the right wedding makeup colors

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With the help of right makeup colors you can look like dream girl on your D-day. All brides want to look their best and therefore you need to wear the right makeup colors to look  perfect on the pictures. Many women dream of looking their best on the big day, they wanna look stunning like never before. Now, it takes several months to find the perfect wedding dress. Then you spend a good deal of time to buy shoes and other accessories. But often makeup is left neglected. But to make the dress, shoes and accessories work perfectly you need to look damn good, and its with the help of makeup you can really look like a diva on your wedding.

Wedding makeup is not so easy as it appears, it takes time to master it. One must try out various looks to find out the perfect wedding makeup look which suits on her. You can get a professional makeup artist lead you or if you are confident enough, do it all by yourself! When it comes to wedding day makeup, just do remember you need perfect flawless skin firstly. Do not try something outrageous on your marriage. Stick to a classic look, which will highlight your best facial features.

While you are trying to choose right makeup colors for your wedding, keep in mind the factors mentioned below :

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·       Time of the year should be considered. If it is a fall wedding, go for makeup colors that are warm and jewel toned. For a springtime wedding, go for light fresh hues like light soft pink colors.

·       Whether your wedding is going to happen during the day or night is the next thing to be kept in mind. Evening makeup should always be more dramatic. Choose lighter makeup colors for daytime and darker makeup colors for the evening.

·       Whether the setting is indoor or outdoor is another thing to be taken care of. If its outdoor, use natural colors. Indoor lighting is very much different from outdoor lighting.

·       Also color of flower can have an effect on the choice of color of makeup. Like with red roses, red lips will look divine. If you are going with brighter lips, keep the rest of the makeup very light and subtle.

·       Colors of the bridesmaid dresses, seasonal trend of colors, are the other features to be considered.

Do remember with makeup you can easily highlight the best facial features. Also you may choose to make any one of the feature to stand out on your big day. If you wanna highlight your eyes, make sure to choose such colors which will make them stand out. Also eyeliner and mascara are essential to make your peepers pop out in pictures.

Image Courtesy : for-my-wedding.com
If you don’t wanna look washed out in the pictures, do remember to apply blush. This extra rosiness on the cheeks will make you look glam on pictures as well as add a healthy glow to the face. To complement the skin tone, you can use a natural colored blush. However, it would be a safer bet to ditch any bright colors.

Pinks, browns always look good, so you may try these kind of colors. Any color that is bold and bright, should not be worn. Bright blues and greens should be kept out of reach on the wedding day. Also stay away from glittery and shimmery shades. If gone overboard, glitters can look terrible in pictures. However you may use a bit of shimmer for evening makeup. It is always better to stick with soft neutral shades for wedding day makeup.
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