Friday, April 12, 2013

Look Good Despite Hangover!

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You have been up whole night yesterday, and today morning you feel dizzy. It is all because of the alcohol you consumed whole night! But today you need to go to your office and need to complete some important tasks which you cant miss. So it is necessary that you don’t look hungover at workplace. Here, we have put together a few tips which can help you look good even after the hangover.

Water for clear skin : After you drink alcohol, it makes your skin dehydrated. What you always need is clear and beautiful skin, and therefore the intake of water is essential. If you don’t wanna look puffy then keep sipping on water at regular interval, this will ensure you get back to your original self.

Stick to oil-based products : As you wont want your makeup to come off easily, put such products which are oil-based on that particular day. You can start off with a heavy moisturizer which is a bit oily, so that it can get in your skin properly. Oil-based foundations can also be a good option.

Simple Makeup : To hide the hangover, many women do cake up their makeup. Now, this is a big blunder. You need to look as natural as possible, do remember this point please. Therefore put a heavy layer of moisturizer on the face, but go light with makeup part. Also don’t go overboard with colors for makeup. Choose neutral palette.

Pay attention to the eyes : The eyes can speak a lot by themselves so you need to take a bit of special care for your peepers. Puffy eyes send a signal to anyone and everyone that you are in a hangover. You can place cool cucumber slices on your eyes for ten minutes. This will reduce the puffiness. Also take the assistance of a concealer too to hide those puffiness around the eyes.
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