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What is a Dry Shampoo?

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Sometimes we are in such a hurry, that we have to skip shower. Although i must say nothing beats the clean feel after we use shampoo and lather up the product and then wash it off with cool water, still there are emergencies. You need to take life as it happens! So if greasy unwashed hair turns you off, then you may like to try out dry shampoos. It is a good alternative, but i guess one should not compare it with normal shampoos, feelings are different!

So, have you ever tried out dry shampoos? If you have not, the most obvious question, you will ask is what is a dry shampoo? How does dry shampoo work? Sit back and relax as we attempt to resolve a few of your queries.

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Dry shampoo is in the form of spray or powder and soaks up dirt and oil, to make your hair clean and voluminous. The application of dry shampoo is not tough at all. Just flip all your hair upside down and use the shampoo. If the shampoo is in powder form, then apply it on your roots. After that keep it for a few minutes as it is, this will help it to absorb all the oil and dirt, then brush off the hair to get rid of the dry shampoo from the hair. After that you can style it as you want.

Benefits of using a dry shampoo cant be ruled out, in fact there are quite a number of advantages of using dry shampoos. You can trick your buddies by making them think you have taken a shower and shampooed your hair normally, when actually you have used dry shampoo which takes much less time to clean the hair. However make sure to take all the dry shampoo out before you leave the house, or else the shampoo will leave a white layer on the hair. Dry shampoo can also make the hair weigh down. So in order to find the perfect and right dry shampoo you need to experiment.

In the Indian beauty market you will find a number of dry shampoos from various brands like Lush, Toni&Guy, Tresemme, Fudge, Label.m, Oasis + to name a few. So just pick up one and try out if you like it, you can continue using it. If you don’t,  consider purchasing dry shampoo from another brand.
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