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How to do makeup for skin with acne

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It is often heard that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but for a girl who is suffering from acne break-outs, only makeup can be her best buddy. Dont you agree? As per the conventional rules we might have come across instructions which strictly forbid anyone with oily skin to apply any kind of makeup on their skin. But these days you can get hypo-allergic makeup items, with the aid of which you can camouflage any acne scars or marks on the skin.

There are various makeup techniques which can really help you out to hide skin breakouts, and get flawless gorgeous skin. Read this article if you wanna know how to do makeup for skin with acne.

1.      Never ever apply makeup on skin which has not been cleansed properly. If your skin is full of dust and dirt, then cleanse your skin thoroughly. Some cleansing bars can cause irritation to the skin and increase the rate of acne breakouts on the skin, so ladies with acne prone skin, maintain a safe distance from such soaps.

Washing your face with lukewarm water and using soft mild cleansers is the best option. After that use a clean towel to dry your face.

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2.      Go and see a dermatologist, and use acne creams and medications as prescribed by him. Spread the acne cream properly and evenly on the acne affected areas and keep it there for some time to be absorbed by your skin.

3.      Whenever you are stepping outdoors, it is essential to apply sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Apply only a light coating of the sunblock cream. If you apply the sunscreen in excess quantity, it will aggravate your skin irritation further by clogging the pores and causing breakouts.

4.      If you have pitted skin due to the previous attacks by acne, remember to use a good makeup primer before applying makeup. It firms up the skin too. And as we all know, makeup primer is the base for your foundation.

5.      A hypo-allergic concealer in liquid form is best for your acne prone skin. So after you have applied primer, go ahead with the concealing part. If the acne has flared up, use a green colored concealer. If you are having crusty acne, then stick to traditional concealers only. That is, the concealer should be a shade darker than your original skin tone.

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6.      An even layer of foundation is to be applied next. Go for a hypo allergic foundation only. Use a wedge shaped sponge to apply the foundation.

7.      Once your face looks blemish-free and flawless, carry on with the rest of the makeup. But it is always essential for you to use only such makeup products which have been specially made for oily and acne prone skin.

8.      Before retiring to bed, always do remember to remove makeup completely. Sleeping with all makeup will only worsen your skin woes.
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