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How to cover broken capillaries with concealer

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As we all know, concealer is one such cosmetic product which hides all our skin’s imperfections and flaws. It comes in several varieties to suit different skin tones and skin types. Concealers are also available in various colors, to cover up dark circles, discolorations, redness, blotches. However, redness from broken capillaries is a bit tough to be covered up. Only a few tools and the right process can help you to cover up the broken capillaries. But then the technique of covering up broken capillaries with a concealer can also be used to cover up acne scars, skin irritations, mild sunburn.

Things you need :-

1.     Green Concealer

2.     A concealer which matches your skin tone, in any form, be it powder, cream or liquid.

3.     Foundation which is for your skin tone.

4.     Brush or a cotton swab

5.     Makeup sponge or your fingertips cleaned.

Now, whether you choose a creamy or liquid or a powdery concealer, is upto you, in fact you can also mix up any 2 types and use it. For many women, cream cover-ups provide best coverage. But for oily-skinned girls, this is not the case. However, as per reports by many women, powder concealers have a poor lasting power and so many don’t prefer to use it.

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How to use :-

1.     Clean your face with mild face wash and start off.

2.     Apply a bit of skin moisturizer and leave it for at least 5 minutes.

3.     On the red spots, apply the green concealer. For creamy concealers, use a cosmetic sponge. For powder cover-ups, use a brush or a q-tip to apply and press on the powder on the affected areas.

4.     Let the concealer dry.

5.     Now, apply the other concealer which matches your skin tone, on the areas you have already covered up with green cover-up. Apply in such a way, that the green concealer wont be visible anymore.

6.     Again let the cover-up dry well.
Take the foundation, and put it on the concealed areas very gently. You can dab on the foundation, that increases the coverage.

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