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How to get fresh matte face

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Not only fashion trends but also beauty trends do keep changing often. So having knowledge of the current beauty trend is very important. Yesteryear people loved shiny glowing skin, but nowadays all are in love with the matte look.

If you go through the beauty magazines or websites you will notice the word ‘matte’ or ‘mattifying’ appearing here and there so many times! Girls do not want shiny faces, the matte look is very IN these days. Indian being a tropical country, our climate throughout the year is hot and humid, thus making most of our skin oily and sweat prone. This gives a shiny look to our faces.

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With the help of face powders, compact powders, loose powders or any kind of matte makeup, you can achieve the matte look. Not only in makeup, but oil free sunscreen is also highly recommended to be used in India. To protect our skin from strong sun rays, nothing beats an oil-free sunblock. So ditch the regular sunscreen creams and lotions and go go for oil-free varieties, be it in gel form or in any other forms.

For acne-prone skin, you need to reduce the natural oil secretion. To avoid shiny face, you may go for mud masks. Once in a week applying such mask will help you. Excess oil from the skin will be absorbed by the mud. To get rid of greasiness, take the help of blotting papers. Foundations with kaolin clay will be specially helpfully for you, as kaolin clay helps in absorbing excessive oil. Another ingredient titanium dioxide can also be of much help. Also do remember to opt for facial products which wont block the pores.

To avoid shiny look, by all means do avoid shimmery or glittery eye shadows or eye colors. Also too much of gloss on lips can hinder the matte look. So stick to mattes for achieving a fresh matte face. Stay far away from makeup which contains mineral oil.
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