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Beauty Benefits of Ice Cube

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Water is a wonderful element indeed. Be it in liquid form, or in solid form, even in gaseous form, water is beneficial to skin in some way or the other. And the best bet in summer time for skin, is nothing but water in solidified form, i.e. ice. Yep, ice cubes! You have read it right! J

We cant deny the fact that ice cubes have refreshed us innumerable times with its cooling effect in drinks and all. And, ice cubes can show great results not only when applied externally which gives a dewy look instantly, but also internally. Rubbing ice on the face, helps in improving circulation of blood and adds a glow to the face too. It also reduces large pores on skin. Also ice when applied daily, can help oily skinned people a lot, by decreasing the sebum production in the skin. It is advised to rub an ice cube on the face before applying any kind of makeup. This adds glow to the skin, and also tones it, reducing the appearance of open large pores. You may also use rose water freezed as cubes and use it whenever required.

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Oily skinned beauties are always advised to not squeeze pimples, if it happens. However, we often try to disobey the advice due to the itchiness and sore at the acne spots. However, ice cube can neutralize these problematic areas. Not only will it deflate the acnes, but also reduce the skin redness. And also you can treat blackheads and whiteheads with ice instead of trying to pierce them.

In case of sun rash or sun burn, an ice cube is the best solution. To get some relief after a hot humid day, take iced water and put a few drops of lavender essential oil in the water. Now dip your towel in it, and very gently rub the towel on the affected areas. To restore skin’s hydration, nothing can ever beat ice.

Not only that, puffiness around the eyes can also be reduced with the help of ice cubes. Ice will make the blood vessels contract, making the skin tight and taut, thereby reducing puffiness and swelling.

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Freezing cucumber juice and applying it, can treat dark circles. Not only do ice cubes help in fading away of dark circles, but will provide relief to exhausted eyes.

Ice is no less than a magic wand, but remember to be careful while using it. Two ice cubes are more than enough, do not apply excess of ice, as that might worsen your skin woes. Using direct ice can break the skin capillaries too, so avoid that. Therefore, the best way to use ice is to wrap it in a thin cloth and use it then.

Ice cubes can work instantly, not only that, it is also very cheap, can be found at home anytime and very easy to be used. Therefore, ice is one such wonder thing, which really costs nothing, but can give you a lot of benefits.
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