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How to make homemade concealers at home

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We all want flawless skin, but most of us, are not born with it. Well, if that is the case, we can take the help of concealers and foundations to hide all imperfections on the skin, and make our skin look flawless. If you are eager to learn the technique of making homemade concealer to get instantly gorgeous skin minus the acne spots or dark pigmentation, here’s some tips which might be of help to you.

One of the most important makeup items is a concealer, it is the only savior when we want to get rid of dark spots and acne scars on our face immediately to look gorgeous for tomorrow’s meeting or weekend’s bash. A concealer is able to hide any kind of skin flaws like acne, pigmentation, discoloration, freckled skin.

How can you make concealer at home?

Making concealer at home is not a difficult task. There are a lot of methods for making concealer at home, however I am writing only one method here.

Take moisturizer separately in any container or on your palm. Any type of good moisturizers will do.

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Mix a blush which matches your skin tone with the moisturizer. You need to get opaque mixture. Remember, the ratio of moisturizer and blush should be equal. If you are using a medicated moisturizer, that would be better for pimples or acne problems.

Apply this mixture evenly on the spots. You can see the results.

If the spots are reddish in color, you must choose a blush having yellow undertones. This colored blush will also conceal dark circles under the eyes.

If you want to make a quick on-the-go type of concealer, you can mix loose face powder with any kind of cream.

However, you need to see that you are not using a lot of moisturizer or blush. Please note, there are different kinds of concealers. Some are natural looking, while others are colored. Natural skin-toned concealers are very common, these can hide imperfections easily. Colored concealers are used before applying a concealer and foundation to contrast with the blemishes, thereby covering the spots easily.
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