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Miley Cyrus’s Makeup & Beauty Secrets

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Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, after her portrayal of character named as Hannah Montana in a television show on Disney channel. Miley is a very popular actress and singer, but that’s not all. This lovely and sassy actress is also known for her style she keeps on changing constantly. Many of us are keen on knowing Miley Cyrus’s beauty and makeup secrets, so aEsThEtIcS brings for you a bit of information about Miley’s style and beauty. Read on.

One of Miley Cyrus’s makeup artist Mai Quynh says she prefers to wear natural makeup rather than going for a dramatic look. However, for performance, Mai loves to give Miley a smokey eye look. But for smokey eye, Mai generally uses taupe or gray eye shades, instead of darker shadows. Miley has got amazing eyelashes, so she never needs false lashes. Mai starts by using the Mark Make It Big Plumping Mascara (Raven) on Miley’s lashes. This mascara works as a base. To add volume, YSL mascara in black shade is used then on her. Finally to separate the eyelashes, Mai uses a metal lash comb.

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For Miley’s lips, some nude color is generally used. Glow Baby Glow by Mark is generally used for Miley in shade secret. She sometimes wears it alone or over some lipstick. For the cheeks, Mai uses a cream blush on Miley which is pinkish-brown in color. To set it, a golden bronzy powder blush is used on top of it. This layering helps the blushes to last longer. However, one must make sure that both the blush colors are from same color family.

Miley Cyrus has been rocking the world with her recently chopped off platinum colored pixie hairstyle. And nowadays, she is seen more in bold looks than before. With the edgy hairstyle like that, she has also changed her makeup looks. Another makeup artist of Miley Cyrus, named Denika Bedrossian, reveals all about Miley Cyrus’s red carpet looks which are trend setters in itself.

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Denika says Miley’s new looks is very refreshing and neat which allows to add on splashes of colors on her eyes and lips. Her features are enhanced by the shaved sides of her head. Short hair adds glow to the face, says the makeup artist. Thus to accentuate the features, one can always use a bright lippie, or a colored mascara. When it comes to Miley Cyrus’s makeup, Denika goes for a blue based red shade of lipstick which brightens up the skin and teeth. And sometimes to add dimension, a bit of orange or pink color is added on the middle part of her lips. To create a smokey eye look for Miley, Denika just smudges around the lash lines, instead of using dark shadows all over the eye lids. A matte lip color and dewy skin tone completes the look.

Now that you know all about Miley Cyrus’s makeup and beauty secrets, you can try on yourself a thing or two inspired by Hannah Montana!
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