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Can fairness creams/whitening creams make one fairer?

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One of the most widely saleable products in the cosmetics market or beauty market of Asia is whitening creams! We admire white or fairer skin tone, and that is the reason, whitening creams or fairness packs and kits are so widely available all over the Asian continent. Even if someone has got flawless skin which may not be so “fair”, we prefer fairer skin over any other skin tones, is not it? I do not say that all do have similar conception about skin tone and fairness, however, still today unfortunately, many of us (men and women both) could not think beyond the boundaries of skin color! That is the reason, we people, irrespective of genders, are crazy about lighter skin tones. Now, in this article, I don’t intend to talk or write about the intention of getting lighter skin tones, whether that’s good or bad. What I want to talk about is whether these whitening vials can really work wonders and make the skin tone lighter!

According to a skin expert, whitening creams do inhibit Tyrosinase, which produces Melanin, which is responsible for the typical Indian/Asian skin tones. These kind of whitening creams may have ingredients like natural berry extracts, or chemicals too like hydroquinone. Over-the-counter facial whitening creams can help us in getting lighter skin tone only if used continuously for a long period of time. Many of these products do have metallic extracts or extracts from minerals and plants. However, the ingredients which can really whiten the skin tone to some extent are Hydroquinone, plant extracts like Kojic acid and Arbutin, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid which are Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Vitamins A and C.

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The first 3 ingredients mentioned in the last line of the previous paragraph that is Hydroquinone, Kojic acid, Arbutin, reduce the melanin production. Melanin is a pigment produced by melanocytes, which can lend color to the skin tones. The other ingredients mentioned in the same line replaces older skin cells having darker pigments with new skin cells having less pigments, that is exfoliates the skin. So, for skin lightening, one needs to use a combo of exfoliaters plus depigmenting agents and sunscreen. For blemish-free skin whitening, one needs to undergo a series of therapies like chemical peeling, whitening creams and also lasers which are required for skin resurfacing.

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Many cosmetologists are of the opinion that whitening creams can help to whiten the skin tone to some extent indeed. It can make the skin tone one to two shades fairer. To see the results, one needs to apply the creams consistently and regularly for a continuous period of 3 months at least. On the contrary, many dermatologists are of the opinion that inhibiting the production of melanin might cause adverse long-term effects on the skin in near future. Cosmetics can polish the skin artificially. One needs to pay attention to keep the skin healthy and clean always. Any skin tone is beautiful, complexion wont matter! Or else why do western people eye on Asian skin tones and take the help of bronzers and tanners to get the sun-kissed glorious look? Think over it!
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  1. It really depends upon the person's skin I believe that it is really not about the product. Thank you for sharing this! Have a nice day!